Caricature workshops

These are ideally suited for company outings, teambuilding activities or family celebrations.
During the workshop we will explore the art of the caricature from many, sometimes surprising, different angles. Jill skillfully leads the group into the world of the caricature by simplifying techniques, showing examples and using anecdotes and parallels. There are live demonstrations, unique yet practical exercises, and a celebration of everyone’s work at the end of the session!

There is a great deal of humor and playfulness and much interaction between the participants. Prepare yourself to see your family or colleagues in a whole new way!
The length of the workshop is 1 1/2 hours but can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Themes can be incorporated into the workshop if desired
Your chosen location is turned into a studio, examples are hung up, A3 drawing boards loaded with paper and sharpened pencils are at the ready!

Caricature Workshops / Caricature Drawing are particularly suitable for company outings or family celebrations. During the workshop we will all playfully explore the art of caricature. Using different angles and surprising exercises, we will learn how to look from a different angle. There is a lot of interaction and a lot of humor.

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